Guest Feedback

To stay competitive in any business, you need to continually keep your eyes open for ways to improve. You don’t want to become complacent. I’ve learned so much from my guests, most of which has come from a postcard-size piece of paper that I leave for them in the guesthouse.

Some people will give you verbal feedback about your place, but most of them will not. It’s been my experience that contrary to other industries, while guests will openly tell you what they like about your place, they will not tell you what they didn’t like. It’s actually very sweet but not all that helpful.

So I designed a postcard on a perforated sheet purchased at an office supply store. On the one side, I have my logo printed on the top with ample space underneath for a handwritten note welcoming them to the guesthouse. On the back side (I put an arrow at the bottom), I have 5 typed questions:

I’ve learned so much from my guests from leaving this little postcard. It’s been extremely helpful and so cheap! I now even find myself somewhat disappointed when I stay somewhere and am not asked for my feedback in this same manner.

Until next time…

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