Joining Forces

You're probably not the only guesthouse or B&B in town. While you may be tempted to view the others as competition, it would be a mistake to separate yourself from them. I would even go farther and say that much can be gained by working together. Let me tell you about my experience. I opened … Continue reading Joining Forces

Cleaning Fees

I debated for years over this decision. I hate paying cleaning fees when I travel and haven't wanted to contribute to that trend. The way I saw it, and still do to a certain extent, the guesthouses and vacation rentals need to remain competitive with the hotels and this is hard to do when we stray … Continue reading Cleaning Fees

Must-Have Amenities

All amenities are important, but some more so than others. Every guest is different with different needs, so the more you provide, the greater chance you have to make everyone happy. But if you're just starting out and are wondering where to start, I've created a short list. 1. Coffeemaker and tea kettle Mornings are a … Continue reading Must-Have Amenities

Naming your Guesthouse

One of the hardest tasks for me when I started my business was choosing a name. The only thing harder for me was creating a logo, which I eventually outsourced. You aren't required to have a name when you host with airbnb, VRBO or FlipKey. As a matter of fact, you might even be tempted to have … Continue reading Naming your Guesthouse


Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I've been running my guesthouse since 2008. It's called Little Green Guesthouse and is in the beautiful rolling hills of the Palouse in the college town of Moscow, Idaho. I've really enjoyed running it and find myself answering a lot of questions from others who are interested in opening their own. … Continue reading Welcome