Web Design


1. A website will increase your bookings

In 2016, bookings for Little Green Guesthouse were split as follows:

airbnb: 23%
vrbo: 8%
flipkey: 1%
direct (website primarily): 68%

2. A website will lower your costs

airbnb fees: 3-3.6%
vrbo fees based on the pay per booking plan: 8.2-11%
flipkey fees: 3%
website booking fees paid with cash: 0%
website booking fees for swiped credit cards: 2.75%*
website booking fees for manually entered credit cards: 3.5%*

* rates based on Square Up credit card processing

3. A website will provide your guests with better service

Bookings taken through VRBO and FlipKey are impersonal. Airbnb is better but still doesn’t provide that connection that you get from an old-fashioned phone conversation. Along with a variety of other reasons, guests are choosing us over hotels because of the personal connection they receive, and we most likely started our business because we like that connection as well.


I charge per page. An hourly fee is charged to update and maintain your site upon your request, with a minimum of 1 hour charged.


You will be given direct access to your website to make future changes to it yourself or you can hire me to make future changes.

The website I will create for you will have an annual fee of $48, which pays for your domain name and removes all ads. You many also choose to upgrade to special features, which costs $96/yr. Upgrading gives you twice as many fonts to choose from and allows for increased flexibility with colors. I haven’t found it to be worth the added cost, but you can try it for 30 days and if you share that opinion, you can go back to the $48/yr version. There’s a third option of $25/mo, which moves the WordPress branding at the bottom of the website and allows plugin installation, along with many other things. I’ve never used it, but I do know that the ability to use plugins is huge. You can try that as well for 30 days at no cost, and if you don’t like it, you can go back.

There is also an optional $8 annual fee to allow your contact info to remain private, so your e-mail doesn’t get inundated with spam.

If you already own your domain name, that registration will need to be maintained separately, and I’ll map the domain name to your new site for $13 annually. Unfortunately at this time there is no way to transfer the domain name without risk  of losing ownership of it.

We will set up the account, so your credit card will be billed automatically.

A retainer of $250 can be paid online.